JADE comes in many different colors. It is the stone of fidelity that brings realization to one’s potential and devotion to one’s purpose. Revered in the Mayan culture, it was used to release suppressed emotions via the dream process. Jade inspires wisdom and is known to attract love.


IOLITE is an inky blue to purple stone that brings harmony to the self and eliminates dissonance and disruption. Known as the viking compass, it provides clear vision to the traveler and unlocks creativity. Iolite enables one to enjoy each moment and awaken to inner knowledge.


GARNET gems are the birthstone of January and are said to enhance one’s internal fire by bringing creative powers to the stage of implementation. Its energies are associated with strength, security, passion and endurance. Also known as the stone of health, garnet provides support to the physical body and promotes commitment.


CHRYSOPRASE semiprecious gems are said to bring the unconscious to the conscious mind. It also strengthens the workings of insight and creativity and instills a state of grace. Wear chrysoprase as a blessing for fidelity, acceptance of others and acceptance of the self. Colors can range from pale yellow-green to rich, verdant green.


CORAL is unlike other precious stones in that it’s derived from sea creatures, and thus is a charm of vitality. Naturally bright red or pink, coral has been used for decorative purposes since prehistoric times. Since it evokes images of the sea, coral uplifting and revitalizing.


CHALCEDONY is a sacred stone to Native Americans used to balance the energy of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It symbolizes benevolence and can alleviate hostilities, while instilling brotherhood, generosity, and empathy. Wear chalcedony to dispell negative energy.


AQUAMARINE is the stone of both courage and meditation. It emits a gentle and compassionate energy and accelerates one’s intellect and tolerance. Aquamarine also helps one stayed centered and supports introspection. It is the birthstone for March.


AMETHYST semiprecious gemstones range from light lilac to deep purple. February’s birthstone, amethyst is said to dispel anxiety with its soothing influence and represents metamorphosis. A stone of spirituality and contentment, it is regal and beautiful.


AGATE is a protective energy stone. It is very calming and soothing, and clears the mind, allowing understanding to enter by grounding the emotions. This grounding helps lessenfeelings of envy, dispel fears, and increase self-condence. It opens up the channels of communication. Wear it to help with decision making. Agate comes in many colors, from reds to greens to blues and pinks.