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The Great Mother Goddess

Posted by Celestin Cornielle On October 20, 2014 in jenniferjonescollection

GoddessAs far back as 40,000 BCE, before the patriarch rulers began to teach us to worship a male god in the sky, the Great Mother Goddess was worshipped across our planet.  She was seen as the SACRED made imminent in the natural world, expressed in the diversity of all forms of life and death, in alignment with the cycles and seasons of the earth – she is Mother Nature.  Women (the physical embodiment of the divine feminine) are able to perform acts of creation in the form of birth.  This creation is mirrored in animals and crops through out mother earth (Gaia). The ancient ones recognized this and viewed women’s bodies as vehicles of life and women as sacred.

In Goddess based societies, sexuality and the naked female form was honored and revered through rituals. The most sacred of which was the Hieros Gamos ritual (which symbolizes the sacred sexual union of mother & father of creation and provides a way by which to truly realize ones spiritual potential. Prehistoric artifacts (such as the Neolithic Venus) and painted feminine images in caves and pots attest to Goddess worship across a great many cultures from Old Europe to the Indus Valley.  Archaeologists propose that ancient societies acknowledged the goddess as the source of creation, the fountain from which all life emanated.

What is a Goddess?

Posted by Celestin Cornielle On September 26, 2014 in jenniferjonescollection


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