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Welcome to our zensual tribe

We invite you to find one of our ultra-feminine handcrafted pieces that reminds you to love and celebrate yourself. xo Jennifer & Celestino
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We’ve are happy to announce that we are NOW hosting one-of-a-kind conscious socials and activities through @Ushamantribe, a living expression of a collective of conscious artists, creators and influencers on a mission to create community founded on Oneness & Love.

Join us to discover new levels of  AUTHENTICITY, EXPRESSION, and COMMUNITY.


Ushaman Conscious Connections is a fun workshop-style social experience that nurtures our heart-felt desire to pierce through the ilusion of separation and connect with like-minded souls we can call tribe.

In this PlayShop we are guided in fun experiential activities that will help us ignite soulful connections and learn from each others wisdom as we engage in candid discussions- topics ranging from the more human end of the spectrum such as self-forgiveness, mindfulness, and sacred sexuality to the more esoteric and metaphysical aspects of our existence- nothing is off limits or taboo.

RSVP and use code: JJCtribe for 20% Off!