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Welcome to our zensual tribe

We invite you to find one of our ultra-feminine handcrafted pieces that reminds you to love and celebrate yourself. xo Jennifer & Celestino
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1528041261114You’re invited to join us for an intimate VISIONARY immersion on Sunday June 16th from 10am to 10pm in Pasadena at a private fairy-land estate that will turn into our own magic playground for 10:10 GALACTIVATION.

This experience is for visionaries eager to connect with themselves on a deeper level, activate their intuition, immerse themselves in soul-full community, healing and NATURE so they can FEEL their best and more fully align to their powerful unique VISION and super-charged desires.

We are partnering with fantastic friends and soul family to bring you a multi-sensory experience to tantalize your senses, activate your SOUL, and inspire you to live your most extraordinary life… this Soul Experience includes:

✨ Sacred Ceremony

✨ High Vibe Vegan Fare (blindfold lunch + silent sensory activated dinner)

✨ Plant Meditation

✨ Yoga

✨ Breathwork

✨ Cosmic Sound Healing

✨ Conscious Connection Games

✨ Energy Mastery + The Empath Experience

✨ Ecstatic Dance

✨ Zen Hiking

And SOUL much more!

You will leave this experience FOREVER refreshed and fully activated in your vision, intuition, and aligned with your soul’s purpose.

RSVP to join us. We can’t wait to PLAY