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Welcome to the tribe

Welcome to the zensual tribe, we are free spirits in the pursuit of ecstasy. The inspiration for our ultra-feminine designs is the divine feminine beauty and sensuality. We invite you to find a piece that reminds you to love yourself and to use all of your senses to indulge in the deliciousness of life. xo Jennifer & Celestin

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Our Tribe’s Philosophy

The inspiration for our ultra-feminine jewelry is the divine feminine beauty and sensuality. Each piece brings together sacred meanings & symbols from across centuries that will help awaken the goddess in you.

As far back as the Old Stone Age (Paleolithic Era), long before the patriarch rulers began repressing women and teach us to worship male gods, the Great Mother Goddess was worshipped across our planet.  She was seen, as the divine made immanent in the natural world expressed in the diversity of all forms of life and death, in alignment with the cycles and seasons of the earth – she is Mother Nature.

Women are the physical embodiment of the divine energy of creation and as such are able to perform acts of creation in the form of birth. The ancient ones recognized this and rightly deemed women’s bodies as vehicles of life and women as sacred. Prehistoric artifacts, like the Venus of Hohle Fels (40,000 BCE), attest to Goddess worship and the belief that the Goddess is the fountain from which all life emanated.

In Goddess based societies the naked female form and sexuality was honored and revered. A goddess’s power lies in her ability to love herself and embrace the totality of her being. The repression and slut shamming that women have been subjected to throughout history counteracts this. With our jewelry, our tribe seeks to empower you to self-love so that you may awaken your inner goddess and celebrate your beauty and sensuality without hindrance from the chronic guilt society has placed around it.

-Celestin Cornielle