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Welcome to the tribe

Welcome to our zensual tribe. We invite you to find one of our ultra-feminine handcrafted piece that reminds you to love yourself and to use all of your senses to indulge in the deliciousness of life.
xo Jennifer & Celestino
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Manhattan Beach Shamanic Drum Circle


Ecstasy as our greatest revolution. If we ALL become ecstatic, society as a whole would change. Join our community drum circle to experience for yourself the freedom and healing power of a Shamanic DRUM CIRCLE

Sunday Nov 13th 3-6pm
under the Manhattan Beach Pier

Our opening ceremony includes a heart-centered shamanic chat and a Guided Self-healing Meditation.  Afterward, we Unite by the healing rhythm of the drum and the pounding of our hearts to aid in earth’s ascension.

We have a few Drums and Percussion instruments to share but encourage everyone to bring whatever makes music – Drums, shakers, bowls, flute, guitar, violin, or Alternatively you can simply add to the gatherings magick by dancing, hooping, or flowing to the beat.

* Shamanic drumming (or drum therapy) is a form of sound healing that has been used for thousands of years to create and maintain emotional, physical and spiritual health.