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Welcome to our zensual tribe

We invite you to find one of our ultra-feminine handcrafted pieces that reminds you to love and celebrate yourself. xo Jennifer & Celestino
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Drumming 4LOVE – Shamanic Beach Journey


Join us for  our Shamanic Beach Journey- DRUMMING 4LOVE and experience the healing power of a shamanic drum circle!

Sunday Feb 26th 2-4pm

Manhattan Beach Pier (under)
-Off of Manhattan Beach Blvd on the water
-We gather under the Pier (can’t miss us!)

Opening Ritual
Ancestral Wisdom Circle
Guided Meditation
Our sacred drum journey begins as we unite by the healing rhythm of the drum and the pounding of our hearts to aid in earth’s ascension.  As you open your heart, drum and dance insights will come to you in words, thoughts, feelings, sensations, and images.

* Shamanic drumming (or drum therapy) is a form of sound healing that has been used for thousands of years to create and maintain emotional, physical and spiritual health.

** We have a few Drums and Percussion instruments to share but encourage everyone to bring whatever makes music – Drums, shakers, bowls, flute, guitar, violin, or alternatively you can add to the gatherings magick by dancing, hula-hooping, or flowing to the beat.

*** Dress in layers and arrive an hour before our start time to give yourself ample time to park and gather with us.